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About The Art

James Darum boldly transforms the Western dream figures of our collective subconscious into larger-than-life cowboys, trail bosses and lawmen. Bright, vivid and crackling with energy, his Western characters absolutely command the field of attention on which they appear.

Presented in minimalist settings, often before empty monochrome backdrops, these impudent icons jolt us in the way superheroes do. We recognize them immediately without reference to time, place or geography. Framed by our own imaginations, they draw breath through the alchemy of personal projection and the painter’s powerful imagery..

About The Artist

James Darum has spent more than half a century in Arizona. Born in Evansville, Indiana, he moved here with his family as a teenager. After studying commercial art at Northern Arizona University he began his career as an illustrator. His early explorations in watercolor have way to the right colors of acrylics, the medium he has preferred ever since.